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Kingfisher Club are delighted to announce a collaboration My Nutrition Ireland


Kingfisher Club are delighted to announce a collaboration My Nutrition Ireland –the leading Nutritional Consultancy in Ireland.

Who are My Nutrition Ireland?

My Nutrition Ireland are the leading expert Nutritional Consultancy in Ireland. Set up by Co- Founders Tom Coleman & Jeeny Maltese in 2013. Tom is a leading expert in Performance & Recovery. Jeeny is a talented, expert cook and food writer, who consults for leading food companies, food magazines and restaurants.

Berry-BlastElite Expertize

My Nutrition have worked with athletes and teams who have competed at European, World and Olympic level. Past clients include Connacht, Munster and Ulster Rugby, Coach John Kavanagh, Airtricity League Teams and many individual athletes from a huge host of sports.

“We have spent years developing, researching and testing what we do at the very highest level. Now we are delighted to be able to share this through Kingfisher”

Nutrition is Key to Success

Leading Experts, doctors, sports men and women recognize that Nutrition plays a key role to success in sports performance, changing your body composition and getting results through exercise. Combining the right exercise with correct nutrition can trigger powerful and lasting responses in the body. Everyone knows that all that hard work in the gyms needs to be accompanied by the right food and Nutrition choices.

My Nutrition are now working alongside Kingfisher and happy to announce the launch of a brand new series of high quality monthly meal plans.

Cover-1What’s in the Meal Plans?

Each consists of a 30-page pdf book which contains:

  • Calorie Counted and Portioned Recipes
  • Delicious Food Alternative Ideas
  • Expert Advice & Tips
  • Shopping Lists
  • Healthy snacks
  • Full one-week meal plan
  • It also contains easy to understand

Nutritional advice and blank shopping list templates as well as meal planners which can easily be printed.

“We are making elite nutrition available for Kingfisher members in such an easy to prepare format.” They include tasty hassle-free recipes which are calorie counted, corresponding shopping lists, meal plans, expert nutritional advice coupled with online support.”

PrawnAre they issued monthly and if so, what’s new?

Each month, the meal plans will contain new and inspirational recipes, which have been deigned to make preparing healthy food very easy and hassle free for you. Each month we will also send you bonus material relevant to the time of year or different goals. These include burning stubborn fat, lean muscle gain, Meal Planning, Portion Control, Nutrition for Health, Guilt Free Desserts, Fighting Sugar Cravings, Summer Foods, Party Food & Healthy Canapes and much more.

“We want to share what we have learned, inspire people to make changes and show people how easy it can be to have lasting results. Becoming healthy or changing your body composition does not have to be difficult or involve massive sacrifice.”

Expert Support

We are very happy to offer full online support to Kingfisher members. You have now access to Elite Nutritional expertize once you are a signed up member.

My Nutrition love to hear from clients and making a personal connection with them, it is very important to keep in contact to keep you motivated and also to help you along the way.

To find out how you can avail of this expert support and sign up for monthly plans, just contact your local Kingfisher Gym in NUI Galway.

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