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50 Tips for a Healthy Body and Mind

Being Fit and healthy is not only a physical thing but also mental. To be healthy we need to have a clear, strong mental outlook aswell as the physical fitness, low blood pressure and get up and go. The power to keep physically active comes from the mind. The best part about being human is the capac...


Winter Water Fitness

Water is a great method of exercise. As Winter gets well and truely underway, braving the elements of outdoors gets harder and harder as the short evenings come in. But remember there is still loads you can do to keep fit in the water, obviously swimming, but also water rehabilitation, aqua aerobics...


Why Weight Training Matters

The common fear behind weight training is “getting bigger”, or being “too muscley” especially from a woman’s perspective. This, in a sense is true, muscles do grow when you lift weights but not on a day to day weight training program. Lifting weights in the gym doesn’t have to be heavy either but th...