Marianne M




Marianne is originally from Galway and has been a member of the Kingfisher Club team since 2011. She has played various different sports throughout her life, but her main sport now is running. She also enjoys hillwalking, surfing and mountain biking when she can find the time!

Marianne has a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education & Leisure from the Galway/ Mayo Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness from the University of Limerick. Most recently, she also completed an ITEC Diploma in Personal Training.

In her classes she enjoys pushing people to work hard and is very conscious of technique, so you get maximum results while training safely. To keep things challenging, she also enjoys using different forms of weight training and toning with traditional weights, Kettlebells, TRX, Calisthenics and plyometrics.

So why not check out her Blast it Up classes on Wednesday and Friday morning, she loves to see new members giving it a go!